Over recent years, a room addition has been a popular idea for homeowners, along with remodeling their existing home. Some families “outgrow” their current home, and need / want more space. Room additions can come in many different forms, from a basic added family room, kitchen extension, another bay to the garage, or a master suite to name a few. There are several reason for adding a new room vs purchasing a new home, or building new from ground up;

  1. Time is valuable. There is an enormous amount of personal time devoted in constructing a new home from ground up. Some homeowners, with their work times, kid’s practices and homework, don’t have the luxury of excess time for the constant decision making that is required for new home construction.
  2. There is less time involved with the addition of a new room. Specifically, this new room addition can be tailored to what is needed; family room, bedroom(s), added bathroom(s), etc.
  3. Sometimes the thought of starting over with a home mortgage is too stressful.
  4.  "The Move”.
  5. Folks know what they have in their current home as for what items may need up to date remodeling attention. For example, there may be some entry doors that could be energy updated, or a secondary bathroom could use some updating. Typically, these remodeling ideas can be incorporated with a room addition project, with your room addition contractor.

Once the decision has been made to add an addition onto the current home, contacting Stellar Construction is your next move.

  • Stellar Construction can assist the homeowners with realistic expectations to help maximize their budget.
  • Stellar Construction is not a mass producer of projects, and by operating in this fashion, more time can be emphasized on each project by overseeing each step of the project. This will also allow the homeowner to see each phase more closely, allowing them to foresee the next step. 
  • Working with sub-contractors that are more hands on with a project, will also allow for the homeowner to view the progress of their project.
  • Because time is a valuable commodity, Stellar Construction has several one stop shopping suppliers, with convenient hours, to accommodate homeowner’s busy schedules. Suppliers such as flooring, kitchen and bath cabinets with accessories, granite and marble, and also a custom cabinet builder in the event this is the better avenue to proceed with.
  • Stellar Construction is aware of our client’s surroundings and puts high priority on the importance to the client’s personal property. At the end of each work day, we strive to minimize the “construction site” look. This is accomplished by picking up and disposing of scrap building materials, sweeping drives or work surfaces, restacking and covering building materials. The idea carries through to the inside of the home as well. The use of plastic or carpet runners, and drop clothes are utilized if possible. The bottom line is Stellar doesn’t want the homeowner coming home from their hectic day at the office to clean up the job site.