• Stellar Construction uses small “sub contactors” for facets of the job that require licensed contractors or specialty contractors. ADVANTAGE- the ability to specialize to the client’s needs and wants. Projects typically will move at a more comfortable pace for the homeowner to visualize each step of the project and help foresee the next step of the project.

• Stellar Construction submits plans / drawings to the local building department for approval and or any building code changes to update the drawings to bring the project up to code if any are necessary. ADVANTAGE- because Stellar has a good relationship with building departments, this process typically moves along more efficiently than if the homeowner were to submit the plans for approval.

• Stellar focuses on low maintenance & maintenance free products and materials. Most homeowners are requesting these types of finished products in today’s home improvement project more than ever. Using Azek exterior trim and James Hardie or Certainteed Fiberboard siding product offers a uniqueness that the house next door doesn’t have! ADVANTAGE- These products allow a homeowner to change the overall appearance of their home in the future without changing the actual product.

• For a finished basement remodeling project, Stellar Construction can advise the home owner of the several options available based on their budget, expectations, and visions of the final project. Stellar Construction typically uses 2 x4 studded walls ADVANTAGE 1- this allows the electrical work to be installed with more ease. ADVANTAGE #2- adding insulation to help with acoustics but also with room temperatures. Insulation can also be added in the above floor space for a sound barrier from the top floor down, and also the finished basement up.

Stellar Construction can service the client from start to finish on a deck project from design to build. If a homeowner does not have a specific deck design, Stellar can handle the design process. The (typical) use of 4" x 6" notched support posts ADVANTAGE- a 4x6 post has a longer potential of longevity with ground contact vs a 4x4 + the notched 4X6 post is the best application for supporting the beam system. Using 2" x 10" treated framing products are the typical framing members used for a deck ADVANTAGE- a stronger frame system to support your family and guests while enjoying the outdoors. The preference is to use dry framing products ADVANTAGE- less stress on fasteners due to minimal lumber expansion and contraction.

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